Bernie Part 2

Bernie Part 2

Bernie, Assistance Puppy takes big steps! 

We've seen your comments following Part 1 of Bernie's journey... Cooing at him, tagging your friends and family members saying that you must get a dog like him (we're not surprised). Here is our highly requested update.

Bernie is now 7 months old and 36.5kg. He is entering teenage-hood so is more boisterous than ever. Uh oh!

As you might have seen (if you watch Channel 7 Regional News) Bernie was interviewed for his first TV spot! He was such a good boy but had to have a big nap after, as his new found fame exhausted him. 

Bernie’s next thing to accomplish was Halloween.
Way too many costume options...what was he to do? Luckily, we found him the perfect outfit and with his new skill, “take it” he was able to hold his ‘trick or treat’ bag as he walked around. 

Bernie’s favourite things ATM:

1. Cuddles
2. Bananas (so weird as he hasn’t eaten one before but is so obsessed with them, and constantly seeking them out!)
3. Going to work with me
4. Sleeping (at said work)
5. Tug of war 
6. His squeaky pig toy (best $8 spent at Target) 

What Bernie is currently working on:

1. Take it (where he holds an item in his mouth gently until instructed to ‘give’ it)
2. To walk with a loose lead (not pulling)
3. Roll
4. Down

"Everyone who meets Bernie compliments his coat, how fluffy, soft and shiny it is…and strangely they always ask, how on earth we get him in the bath." 

A fair question, considering his size... and the answer is simple. We don’t!
You see, he doesn’t actually fit in our bath, so we have to walk him into the shower to give him his fortnightly wash. With his coat being so thick and fluffy, the easiest way to wash Bernie is with a detachable shower head. This also helps to make the shower less scary - the last thing we want is to make his bathing experience, a terrifying one.

Bernie doesn’t love getting into the shower, but due to many treats during his first few baths (when he was still small enough to fit) he is happy to comply with our requests to stand, come closer and even present his paw when rinsing his belly.

Look how shiny he is! 

What products do we use?

Yes, we use Underwater Dogs Puppy Shampoo and Conditioner - our go-to for several reasons.

Firstly, it makes him sooo soft and smell absolutely divine. But also, Bernie seems to have some sensitivity where his paws itch and he can get some dermatitis. After washing him with Underwater Dogs, he doesn’t lick or bite or look at his paws.
It really helps relieve his sensitive and somewhat, itchy skin. Afterwards, he likes to lie in the sun to dry (our next task is to desensitise Bernie to a hairdryer). We then sit with him and give his coat a good brush, brushing in all directions.

We teach Bernie to lie ‘down’, ‘roll’, ‘sit’ and even present his ‘paw’ when we brush him. This is because his future owner might be wheelchair bound and need Bernie’s cooperation and assistance to groom him.

That’s Bernie’s latest update. If you would like to read more about Bernie, make sure you check out our first blog Part 1. Meet Bernie.

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See you next month, 


Guest Author: Phoebe Kahn works in Marketing at the first ever subscription-based video production company in Sydney Australia, creating both written and video content. Phoebe is also a massive lover of dogs and dedicated Assistance Puppy Trainer.

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