Grooming Tools

UNDERWATER DOGS present their professional Home Grooming Range.
  1. Double-pronged Grooming COMB
  2. Dematting SLICKER Brush,
  3. Deshedding RAKE and
  4. Wide-tooth CONDITIONING COMB.
With ergonomically designed flexible silicone handles, the UWDOGS Home Dog Grooming Range promises a comfortable, and reliable grooming experience for home use.

FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY - Our Professional Dog Grooming Set comes with a 1/2 PRICE 250mL No-Knots Detangler. To receive your 1/2 price No-Knots just add both products, Dog Grooming Set (RRP $58.52) & No-Knots (RRP $23.95) to your Cart and take advantage of this great offer!

Streamlined design, strong and efficient, these beautifully manufactured and packaged tools aid in the removal of matting, tangles or shedding hair (perfect for all coats including double). Whether it’s in between baths, after a romp in the park, OR you're planning bath-time and need to detangle first; one or more of our Underwater Dogs professional dog grooming combs will be the perfect partner.

For long-haired dogs, try our large wide-tooth comb in the bath. Combing through conditioner with this sturdy comb will give 100% coverage of your conditioning product. Hydrating and moisturising leaving long hair lush, & tangle free.

Team any of the above combs with our Underwater Dogs Shampoo & Conditioner plus our professional hair relaxant, No-Knots Detangler and your grooming days will become a walk in the park!
  • Professional grooming tools
  • Ergonomic, flexible silicone handles
  • Stainless steel prongs, pins and cutting blades
  • Perfect for small to medium & long-haired coats
  • Large wide-tooth comb for 100% conditioner coverage
  • Specifically for home use
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee*

The Underwater Dogs Haircare Company is just that - Haircare for Dogs. It's all we do!  Born from a passion of fine haircare products and a love of dogs, we are a salon professional range adored by groomers and customers alike. Just like going to the Hairdresser, we stand by our product range with the only Australian Canine Haircare 100% Money Back Guarantee. Proud of our formulation especially for dogs with dry, itchy, sensitive and allergy-prone skin, we promise you the cleanest, softest most delicious smelling dog on the block!