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The Ultimate Skin Repair System for Allergy Sufferers

Repair - Rejuvenate - Protect

So you love your best friend... but do they run to play, stopping to scratch along the way?
Underwater Dogs™ Skin Repair System for Allergy Sufferers works hard to repair, rejuvenate and restore your dog's dry, irritated skin; building skin health and aiding in the combat of seasonal allergen attacks. 

We cannot cure your dog's allergies, but we can help restore their topical skin health, building elasticity and the ability to recover quickly.

We want to give back your dog's mojo, and depending on the severity of their condition, aim to do so in 3 months or less!

We may be full of fun (just like our pups) but ULTIMATELY we're in the business of repairing irritated canine skin, rebuilding moisture balance and restoring peace of mind.

With products on the market today ranging from cheap, mass-marketed detergents, to perceived high-end, expensive surfactants, please don't be fooled.

You DO get what you pay for, but WHO can you trust?

'What's in the Bottle Matters!'

"Inspired by decades spent with the finest professional human haircare products around the world, my goal has always been to provide dog owners with premium haircare products, and the education on how to use them. We're a professional haircare company for dogs  that's all we do! Welcome to my world.

Gayle, Founder Underwater Dogs™
"Beautiful, professional haircare... just like taking your dog to the Hairdresser!"
Deb Collis & Mr Darcy

With over 500+ 5-Star Reviews Underwater Dogs Haircare have become Australia's go-to product range for canine skin rejuvenation

Here's what our customers say...
"In conjunction with our Vet, Misty had tried everything. Diet, medicated shampoos, antihistamines, antibiotics & even steroids. He said that if she had been human, she would have been at the Dermatologist weekly. After 3 baths with Underwater Dogs Shampoo & Conditioner, Misty's skin calmed and she has been sleeping, eating and growing her fur back ever since. She smells divine for the first time in her life. In fact we've forgotten just how badly she used to stink! Thank you UWDOGS for giving me back my Misty!"


Misty's Story

"Been using UWDOGS on my hyper-allergic ACD for well over a year now. These products are the only ones that soothe & give relief from constant scratching & tearing at herself. We've tried pretty much every medicated and so-called 'soothing' product on the market from medicated vet shampoo, to herbals and everything in-between. Nothing improved her skin and many made it worse. Then I landed here & relief for my gorgeous girl at last! Products not only help our allergic girl but work beautifully on our three 'normal' fur-kids too. Thank you UWDOGS!"


Excellent for Indie-Dog's sensitive skin

"My girl has had atopic dermatitis of which she has sores from constant scratching. After lots of trips and $$ at the Vet(s) not much has worked. I came across UWDOGS through desperation, after a lot of research and I’m more than happy! She smells divine, and is so soft and silky. I recently spoke with Gayle, and she guided me on how to best wash and use the conditioner. She is a very caring lady and doesn’t mind following up on her product. I will continue to use UWDOGS as I am seeing results after only using for 3 baths."


Research Pays Off!

"As a full time groomer it's imperative to have good quality products, and UWDOGS is the best out there. Healing qualities for dry and flaky skin, soothing with a ph level balance and the scrumptious coco-nutty scent. As a professional dog groomer with a busy mobile business, it’s imperative to have great products. I've had the best reviews from customers as to the change in their dogs behaviour with chewing and licking subsiding, redness going and general condition improving. I notice how the coat cleans quickly as the product draws dirt out and whitens it. AmaZing!!" Heather, Owner ~ Groomed by Heather NSW


Naturally Moisturising

And I’ve used a few different shampoos for Charlie, but nothing comes close to this. The coconut fragrance is LOVELY, delicate and fresh, and Charlie has never felt so SOFT after a bath either. Love these products, and love the thought for sensitive skin. I can’t wait for her coat to get longer so I can put the detangling spray to use!
Will be purchasing these again and again and will tell EVERYONE about it.


I'm Telling Everyone!

Deluxe Pamper Package.......Ohhhhh I love it!! Pump action bottle makes it so easy to use and it just glides through the Cavoodle fur, smell is yummy, tropical, delicious and it lasts for days!! Drying is much easier too, brush combats all those tiny little knots and I was able to brush out the matting behind her ears without having to cut it away!! So glad I found your product, lifetime Coconut Club member here! For everyone else, please don't hesitate, its really worth its money, so much better than anything else I've tried for my girl...


Lifetime Coconut Club Member

How to Restore Life to Allergic Skin in 3 Months or Less!

So your dog's been scratching. It's building anxiety and keeping you awake at night... that thump thump thump on the floor.

Their hotspots are raging, skin is red and inflamed, and they're chewing themselves crae-crae.

But other things seem in place... Buckets of energy, playful, vaccines up to date (what the heck🤷‍♀️)...

Ok, so maybe they're a little off their tucker, and their sleep's been interrupted... You're just beginning to feel like you don't know how to help.

You've consulted your Vet (multiple times), taken prescribed medications, tried medicated shampoos, oatmeal, and ALL the natural potions your friends have suggested. 

You've even considered (or tried) steroids... You've spent lots of your hard earned dollars - but still nothing seems to work!

Most of our clients meet Underwater Dogs... just about now!🙄

So let's scratch that itch and give them back the good life...

Meet Misty

It was midnight, and the incessant itching and scratching coming from the foot of the bed was both frustrating and upsetting.

Overwhelm was now an emotion felt way to often.

As she watched the clock tick over, her anxiety heightened; she was feeling hopeless. 

Would she ever be able to give her dog respite from this terrible condition.

"Am I ever going to sleep through the night again?" Was one question a beloved Underwater Dogs customer asked herself.
"Sometimes we felt like there was nothing else we could do. We were willing to try anything. I’ve tried countless shampoos and washes and none of them worked. It has been an uphill struggle to try and get control of it. Her sleeping and ours, has been affected and her appetite very poor.”

Read Misty's 3 Week Success Story...

Meet Jennie, Misty's Mum...
“Misty has had severe skin problems since we got her 7.5 years ago. What started out as mild scratching, turned into literally ripping her fur out and causing her to bleed. 

Our vet says that if she were human, she would need to see the Dermatologist every week! 

The problem was resolved temporarily by her taking a tablet, which was an antihistamine steroid mix. Unfortunately, she got used to it (the explanation at the time) and it stopped having any real impact. 

A friend mentioned a new haircare range called Underwater Dogs and of course, I was willing to try anything... Anything to offer Misty some relief." Jennie
And so a relationship began...

Simplicity of thinking alongside the most gentle of formulations and the trust of a fur-mum that was at the end of her tether...

Skin care for dog's is not about gimmicks, highly perfumed bubbles or expensive celebrity marketing campaigns. It's about science, knowledge, consistency, and social proof, that has been built-up over years with dog lovers - just like Jennie.

I've always likened 'haircare for dogs' with 'haircare for humans.' We cleanse, we moisturise...

It's like for like. And it WORKS!

Here's Misty after three weeks...
More from Jennie...

"Good Afternoon... and a happy Friday to you! 

Just to give you some feedback... here we are three weeks into using your shampoo and conditioner. 

During the first 2 week’s I bathed her every 4 days and this morning was the first bath in a week. 

Since using the shampoo and conditioner, Misty is sleeping like never-before. The fur on her chest is already growing back, which we haven’t seen for years. 

Her appetite has also improved so much so, that she now hunts her bowl around the kitchen checking for more."

And after 4 weeks...

"Misty is so happy and content! Her appetite is amazing and she is sleeping beautifully.

The only set back we encountered was when she ploughed through some tall grass and it irritated her immediately. I gave her an Underwater Dogs bath straight away and was thrilled to see that it calmed her skin down completely. 

We seriously have forgotten that she used to stink! I now bath her once a week and her fur is soft and shiny. 

We've also noticed that her skin colour is pale pink, and that her fur is growing back in places where she has not had fur for years. 

And... that a little of the Shampoo and Conditioner goes a long way, and it lathers beautifully. I will give her a bath on Thursday and send some more pictures after that. 

I am truly impressed with your products and I am going to mention them to my vet when I next visit.

He frequently tells me how many dogs he sees with skin complaints like Misty’s. It's a problem that they see frequently."

For the full story, read Misty's Story Part 1 & 2 on our website.

Introducing the Underwater Dogs...

🙌  Your Personal Skin Care Consultant

🙌  A Personalised Skin Care Program 

🙌  Allergy Care Pamper Kit

🙌  24/7 Support

🙌  LIFE-TIME Product Discounts for your Dog

🙌  FREE Shipping Australia-wide

🎁  FREE Bath-time Licky Mat

Did you know?

Did you know that more than 10% of pups suffer from allergy dermatitis?

Unfortunately, a far greater percentage suffer from plain-old dry, irritated, hot and itchy skin!

I believe whole-heartedly that using the right products, combined with an education on how to use them for optimum results is an essential part of every dog owners life.

For instance, did you know that there's no scientific difference between human hair and dog hair... Both being made up of keratin?

Read more to find out why... 

Canine skincare facts...

Canines have finer (thinner) skin than humans, with many more delicate layers and a sensitive pH of 6.5-7.5 (Neutral).

Human skin is stronger and more robust, with a more acidic pH of 4.5-5.5. 

Hence using your own shampoo on your dog, or one NOT formulated specifically with the correct pH, can have devastating affect.

And let's not think the difference of 1-2 points on the pH scale doesn't matter! 

When you move from one number to another on the scale, it's NOT just one point, it's actually indicating a change of 10 x 10. Or a x100-fold change...

And that's HUGE! 

Read more to find out why...

top three haircare myths...


MYTH #1 'You shouldn't wash your dog. It strips all their natural oils!'

No matter how good your dog haircare products claim to be, shampoo naturally cleans away dirt and grime, altering the hair and skin’s natural moisture balance (it's oil equilibrium - pH). That’s its job!

Shampoo, depending on the quality can leave your pup’s skin dry and the fur brittle. Exactly the same as human shampoo!

In theory, water opens the hair shaft allowing cleansing agents to enter each hair strand, helping to wash away dirt and grime. Once the shampoo is rinsed, the hair shaft remains open...

Have you ever experienced that ‘squeaky clean’ feeling with your own hair?

So what closes the hair shaft?

The conditioning process!


MYTH #2 - 'You shouldn't need to condition your dog after a shampoo!"
Ever tried to comb your own hair without conditioner?
If anyone suggests you don't need to condition your dog following a wash... they're misleading you.

Shampoo is an anionic, or negatively charged surfactant which helps open the hair shaft allowing the cleansing process to perform it's magic. Conditioners are positively charged, closing the hair shaft, locking in moisture and helping to protect both skin & hair from the elements.

So for healthy skin and hair, we need both parts of this process for optimum results.

If you use a professionally formulated, naturally moisturising shampoo made specifically for canine skin, followed by a high quality conditioning treatment that closes the hair shaft locking in moisture - you're building skin health - not degrading it.

In fact, by washing regularly you're helping the skin condition to improve. Just like Misty.

Even if you're an outside dog with an oily double coat, grooming at least seasonally will help the skin's condition, exfoliate dead skin cells, help with shedding hair, and restore moisture balance.
When the cuticle of the hair shaft is left OPEN the condition of the hair is: 

1. Unhealthy
2. Tangles Easily
3. Lacks Luster & Shine

When the cuticle of the hair shaft is CLOSED the condition of the hair is:

1. Healthy & Hydrated 
2. Smooth & Silky 
3. Full of Shine
MYTH #3 - "You don't need to shampoo your dog. Just wipe them over with a baby wipe and massage in a leave-in conditioner!"
This would have to be the gimmick of a lifetime, playing to your need to claw back time and energy. 

Wouldn't it be great not to have to wash your dog!  But here's the thing...

Now we understand the chemical process required to cleanse both skin and hair well; if we choose not to apply both parts of the process, we cannot restore natural oil equilibrium.

In fact, layering a conditioner or conditioning treatment or mask ON TOP of the skin and hair means rinsing most of the product down the drain. Without absorption, it's also money down the drain.

Product left sitting on top of the skin will also aid in clogging skin pores and weigh the hair down making it dull and oily within just a few days.

Again, think about your own hair!

I'm all for wipes to remove spills, clean jowls, ears or butts - it's convenient. I get that. But if we're looking for the best in skin health and the ability to maintain a supple, hydrated, itch-free pup - then we must realise this method is all in the marketing.

Remember, shampooing your dog regularly cleanses and hydrates skin and hair, helps exfoliate dead skin cells, aids in the removal of shedding hair, and cools, moisturises and protects dry, sensitive, itchy skin. 

Massaging a quality conditioner into the coat and skin after a wash closes the hair shaft, smoothing and locking in moisture which is vital for on-going skin health. 

Again, consistency of product, method, and daily coat maintenance will give you back so much more in time and money, than any promise of a quick fix.
What's in the Pamper Kit?
Underwater Dogs™ Skin Repair Kit transforms dry, flakey, itchy skin, promising to repair your dog's skin and hair to pristine.

✅ Sensitive Shampoo. A professional salon formulated naturally moisturising shampoo using premium quality, Australian essential oil Lemon Myrtle that naturally treats, soothes & moisturises damaged, allergy-prone skin. Lemon Myrtle, high in anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial properties helps soothe inflammation, aiding in the treatment of topical skin infections, while unique blends of pH balanced ingredients feed dry, flakey, mature-aged and allergic skin.

✅ Puppy Shampoo. A professional salon formulation... Yes, just like going to the Hairdresser! Extra-mild and made especially for new skin, it's soap-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free, naturally moisturising and containing unique blends of pH balanced ingredients. Delicately fragranced with coconut and vanilla, our puppy  shampoo is safe on eyes AND your skin. The perfect start for this moment!

✅ Our Conditioner is the perfect partner to all our shampoos. Coconut based and full of moisture, closing the hair shaft and locking in conditioning elements to every hair stand, hydrating and protecting damaged skin, and restoring your dog's pH balance. 

✅ Gloss Deodoriser is our go-to for in-between bath-time freshness. Just like a Pina Colada, coconut and pineapple will leave your pup smelling like a tropical island getaway, no matter who they meet at the dog park!

✅ UWDOGS Hand Massager - an important part of your dog's ongoing skin and hair maintenance. Use in the bath as well as in-between baths to help shedding hair fall, stimulate blood flow and remove dead skin cells - all key to aid skin renewal.

✅ UWDOGS Microfibre Towel is absorbant plus, removing the necessity to rub your dog dry. Wrap them in it, patting and squeezing gently for best results.

✅ Personal Consultant & Personalised Skin Repair Program until you don't need us anymore!

✅ Subscription-based discount on all bath-time products for the LIFE-TIME of your dog.

✅ FREE SHIPPING Australia wide.

✅ Free Lickie Mat for bath-time treatos.

✅ Package Value $251.65

Give them the woofin' good life for...

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Rejuvenate your dog's skin health, happiness and quality of life in 3 baths or less, while restoring your peace of mind for $179.00 or, 4 x payments of $44.75 with AfterPay plus FREE Shipping & Handling Australia wide. Package value $251.65. All wet products covered by the Underwater Dogs™ 100% MBG *T&Cs Apply
So you're asking yourself...
How can we promise Skin Rejuvenation in 3 months or less...

Underwater Dogs™ products are SIMPLICITY plus using ingredients our grand-parents would have used. 

Nothing tricky... In fact, Underwater Dogs™ products are 100% suitable for human use. Ultra-mild, naturally moisturising formulations with subtle fragrances that re-ignite time and time again when your dog gets wet. 

Because of the simplistic nature of our formulations, products have guaranteed stability unlike more complex, new-age compounds described as 'all natural.' 

After all... the only thing 'all-natural' today is the apple falling from the tree! 

It's not complicated - we cleanse and moisturise on a regular basis for itch-free, soft, supple skin and silky fur.

We cannot cure your pup's allergies, but we can build their skin health, aiding in the recovery of seasonal allergen attacks. And that's a fact. 

Our promise, is backed by 100's of testimonials from allergy sufferers just like yours. Oh, and did we mention... our products smell delicious!

Amazing? Yes. Unbelievable? No.

Now let us go to work - for you!

How the program works...

Once your order has been received we will be in touch immediately to discuss your dog's personal needs.

It is important to gather historical information especially if your pup has been struggling with more than just the itch. Photos of any hotspots, rash or worse will be imperative in order to gain clear insight into their most recent condition.

Together we will decide on the best course of remedy, and a bathing schedule will be set.

It will be important while following the program NOT to use any other topical remedy, cream, potion or shampoo of another brand. We want to be certain that results are not compromised, as cross-pollination of other product ingredients and formulations will not give you a true sense of what is happening for your dog.

*If you have any questions regarding this request (for any reason) please reach out to us immediately. We understand if your dog is on prescribed medications - just ensure that we know what these are.

After all information has been collected and we have spoken, deciding on the best course of action, we will send you the Skin Repair System Instruction Manual. It will be important to familiarise yourself with this process, and also to communicate with us after each bath to keep us up-to-date.

We are available to you at anytime if you have concerns of any kind. Often a voice at the end of the phone or in an email is all it takes to gain clarity and confidence.

Above all, patience is the key driver, and we are here to support you. 

Guaranteed program benefits...

Our most recent testimonial...

"I have to share this, but I was NOT asked to! This is just me helping other fur-moms out - Seriously!

Underwater Dogs has helped Pistachio's hair, skin, matting, and cysts tremendously! I was searching for anything to help him. I tried most products on the shelves, and I still couldn't get a brush or comb through his hair.

Pistachio's hair is unique compared to most, so I just tried to keep it short, but he still got cysts, matting and clumping. I started asking around, and a wonderful friend on IG recommended @uwdogs to me! When I contacted them, the owner actually got on a video call with me to go through Pistachios hair and skin health history! She wanted to make sure he got the products that would best fit him!

What owner gets on a call with a random customer for an hour to walk through what would be best...? Underwater Dogs Haircare!!!

She even directed me in what to do, and also wanted a couple of follow-up calls to tweak the plan! This happened a few months ago, and she NEVER asked me to make a post! She was confident in the product because she's put her life's work into it, and I can now see why she's confident!

Anyway, I had to share this with my friends because I know what Pistachio went through, and it was horrible. But I haven't seen another cyst yet! I don't have a code or anything because this is just a post of my own free will. But they are pretty affordable products...

Anyway, off my soap box! We love you all!" -Tia, OHIO USA

Wait for what...?

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Let them live their best woofin' life with a one time payment of $179.00 or, 4 x payments of $44.75 with AfterPay plus FREE Shipping & Handling Australia-wide. Package value $251.65. All wet products covered by the Underwater Dogs™ 100% MBG *T&Cs Apply
"My 3 dogs are my world, and I give them the world... That's why I'll always use Underwater Dogs"
Simone Hannelly, Dog Trainer
Zoe, Shadow & Pheonix

Underwater Dogs™ Haircare

Underwater Dogs™ is a professional, salon inspired product range specifically for dry, sensitive, itchy & allergy-prone canine skin. 

We nourish, protect and preserve your dog's beautiful skin and coat using coconut-based, naturally moisturising formulations that are owned and made in Australia.

For dogs with dry, itchy skin, we promise to rejuvenate, hydrate and leave your dog smelling like a tropical island dream within 3 baths or less. 

For those dogs suffering from seasonal allergies or skin disease, it's a longer journey; but case studies have proven that within 3 months, your allergy prone dog will be rejuvenating and building skin health, aiding in the recovery of seasonal allergen attacks.

Underwater Dogs™ Haircare wants to take you there... A lady-start-up, inspired by decades spent with the finest haircare products around the world. 

"My goal will always be to provide dog owners with the best hair care products available, and the education on how to use them. So let's ditch the itch together!"

Kind regards, Gayle - Owner/Founder
Frequently Asked Questions

How Does It Work?
Once your order has been received we will be in touch to discuss your dog's personal needs. Together we will decide on the best course of remedy, and we'll set a timetable. It's important while following this program, you NOT use any other topical remedy, cream, potion or shampoos of another brand. We want to be certain that you’re getting un-compromised results, therefore cross-pollination of other product ingredients and formulations will not give you a true sense of what is happening for your dog. If you have any questions regarding this request (for any reason) please reach out to us immediately. We understand if your dog is on prescribed medications - just ensure we know what that is.

Dogs who present with dry, itchy skin will show beautiful results within 3 baths or less. Those dogs who are suffering from allergic dermatitis, allergen reactions, sores, cysts or skin disease will take more time and patience. Dogs presenting with these more severe symptoms will show improvement somewhere between 1-3 months or less. Post treatment maintenance is just as important as the treatment itself, but will become easier with time and skin improvement. We cannot cure allergies, this is intrinsically who they are, and there are no magic potions. But we guarantee to build skin health, restoring your dog's mojo, and your peace of mind.

Shipping & Dispatch
FREE SHIPPING Australia-wide offered with this Program. All Underwater Dogs™ products dispatch via our Shipping Logistics Partner SHIPPIT. Local postcodes NSW 2094-2096 are eligible for FREE Delivery or Pick-Up. Skin Repair Orders are dispatched following client communications with Underwater Dogs, and following confirmation of individual canine requirements.

Underwater Dogs™ product ingredients can be located on our website under the INFO Tab →Product Knowledge

100% MBG
We take great pride in the quality of our brand, and strive to ensure that you will be completely satisfied, guaranteeing our products are carefully tested to meet the highest quality standards, ensuring great results - every time. Our 100% MBG stands on all wet products i.e., shampoo's and conditioning treatments, and details can be viewed on our website under the INFO Tab →Guarantee*. Terms and Conditions Apply.*

When will my order arrive?
For most Metro city addresses within Australia, packages arrive somewhere between 2-5 working days from courier confirmation. Rural, SA, NT and WA parcels can take up to 5-10 days depending on locality. Where possible in this instance we will send Australia Post who have broader coverage and PO Box options.

What if my order hasn't arrived?
Sometimes it happens, but not terribly often thank goodness. If in any doubt please respond to our customer service email woof@uwdogs.com OR call Gayle on +61 412 855250 to pass on your details. While this portion of the business is the only part we cannot control, we will do everything possible to communicate and expedite enquiries to find your order. Worst case scenario, we will always make good on your lost parcel. That's our promise!

Underwater Dogs™ is the registered Trademark of Maid in Australia Pty Ltd ABN 43151366273 ©Skin Repair System 2023