A Life with Dogs

An Epic Tale

An Epic Tale

The journey from 'Pre-Puppy' to the inevitable 'Saying Good-bye.' A series of dog-loving blogs, brought to you by the makers of Underwater Dogs. We admire all those who own, pamper, train, walk, groom, rescue, adopt, foster, provide for and crazily love dogs. It's what we do too.

"My little dog - a heartbeat at my feet" Edith Wharton

I could never have known that meeting Ash and Kuran Sukhwani that very first time would have had such a profound affect. It was the Sydney Dog Lovers Show 2017, and the handsome young couple had stopped by my booth.

They appeared to linger for quite some time, deep in conversation, and it was only when Karun approached to say hello, that I realised they had been watching Ralph.

At the end of a very long albeit productive Expo, Ralphie lay comatose on his bed snoring. As CEO of the Underwater Dogs Haircare Company, Ralph had greeted some 200 dog-lovers that weekend and the Sukhwani’s would be no exception.

When woken, he plodded out dutifully to say hello.

Looking back, I recall the couple’s calm and genuine interest in Ralph. We sat on the floor for quite some time discussing the breed; personality, quirks, strengths and weaknesses – all shared with a feeling of mutual admiration.

Ralph in the meanwhile was totally content to sit, basking in being exactly where he wanted to be - which was with me.

On asking, the young couple explained they were looking for a puppy. Whilst not completely convinced what breed they would choose, they had fallen in love with my gentle-soulful-gold & white Cocker Spaniel.

My relationship with Royoni Kennels began in the year 2000, when my first Cocker came home to stay - and I have been ‘in love’ ever since. Over the years I have lived with three Royoni offspring, a Great Dane, a Mareema, two Jack Russells, and two very cheeky Labradors... Ralphie's my babe. At fifteen he's a handsome old man, both mellow and affectionate. Aging gracefully, his adventurous and cheeky disposition spark on occasion, only to make me smile.

Frankly, I adore the ground with which -his enormous paws walk.

As the couple stand to leave, I offer them the name of my breeder, and there is no hesitation. The seed is planted and there would be another Royoni puppy on the block. I just wasn’t sure how soon!

Eight days later, the most adorable image of a gold & white Cocker Spaniel puppy appears on my Instagram feed. “Oh-my-goodness, it’s a baby Ralphie. He’s such a cutie,” I exclaim.

“I hope you recall us meeting at the Dog Lovers Show - you recommended Royoni,” came the reply.

And so, our journey begins…

"A Life with Dogs is a series of dog loving blogs that take you on a journey from ‘Pre-Puppy,’ to the inevitable ‘Saying Good-bye.' Humorous and to the point, A Life with Dogs takes a refreshingly candid, tongue-in-cheek approach to living with hounds. Informatively based anecdotes, tips and tricks from the makers of the Underwater Dogs Haircare Co.

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