Underwater Dogs Haircare

Skin & Hair Health for your Dog

UWDOGS is an all Australian start-up delivering superior haircare products for dogs. Proudly made in Australia, UNDERWATER DOGS stem from an innovative and inspirational background, a life and love for fine haircare products, supported by passion and commitment. 

Deliciously fragranced, our professional salon formulations contain unique blends of soap-free, paraben-free & pH balanced ingredients. A naturally moisturising range, specifically manufactured with dry, sensitive, itchy and allergy prone canine skin in mind.

UWDOGS promise you the cleanest, softest, most delicious smelling dog on the block. All products come with an 100% Money Back Guarantee* 


As our clientele take to the tub with tails wagging, their parents all agree... Underwater Dogs with its salon quality formulas, premium ingredients and naturally moisturising qualities, hydrate and rejuvenate canine skin, leaving furs so so soft and smelling like a tropical island dream.

"On that footpath of life... UNDERWATER DOGS smells right, feels good, and makes my Hooman happy." 

Ralphie J. Cocker, CEO UWDOGS
RIP Ralphie 2003-2019 

UWDOGS is committed to being the BEST dog haircare brand; your dog expects us to be. 

Maid in Australia Pty Ltd T/as Underwater Dogs
1/1 Craig Avenue, MANLY NSW 2095
43 151 366 273

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