Our Legacy

Our Passion - Our Mission

Underwater Dogs Haircare Company are passionate about supporting dogs. Those in need, rescued, fostered, adopted, in training and more, by supporting rescue groups Australia wide since 2016. Aiding in the education process builds an overall awareness of dogs in need, and it has been our honour to support a broad number of welfare organisations and breeder groups across the years. UWDOGS will continue to support as many charitable organisations as possible, applauding the great work done, the immense dedication shown and a great love for dogs.

Pound Paws Australia

Pound Paws provide a modern online approach to the overall re-homing process for pets available for adoption in pound & rescue centres around Australia. Sadly, up to 200,000 happy and healthy pets are euthanised per year. It is Pound Paws mission to reduce this number, by educating the Australian public, hosting dog adoption events and providing online support. UWDOGS have supported dog adoption, and participated in Pound Paws events since 2016. We will continue to support Pound Paws in 2020, helping raise awareness of dog adoption nationwide.


Assistance Dogs Australia

Founded in 1996, Assistance Dogs Australia trains and places unique dogs with Australians in unique situations. Training dogs that specialise in support for people with a physical disability, autism or PTSD, as well as providing a range of services to these individuals and their families.

In 2019 Underwater Dogs began a supporting role with Assistance Dogs Australia through one of their newest recruits, Bernie the Bernese Mountain Dog puppy. At the time, I was coming to terms with the imminent loss of my own dog (RIP Ralphie J. 2003-2019) who highlighted in me (to great depth), the effect canines can have on our daily lives. With his passing came a sorrow unrecognisable, but cemented the overwhelming realisation that dogs mean far more -if you're listening. Learning more about Assistance Dogs Australia has opened my eyes to the great work done in training dogs to help humans in need. ADA's free-to-client assistance dogs provide independence, self-esteem, improved health and relationships to individuals and families – resulting in stronger and more successful communities. I have been naturally drawn to supporting Assistance Dogs Australia through Ralphie's passing and will continue to support Bernie on the road to becoming Australia's first, Bernese Mountain Assistance Dog. 

Read more about Bernie's Journey HERE

Deaf Dogs Rescue Australia Ltd

Deafness is not a disability that stops dogs from loving their families, being well trained or participating in normal activities. Deaf Dogs Rescue Australia want to make sure deaf dogs have the same opportunities as all dogs. Deaf Dogs Rescue Australia strive in all they do to ensure deaf dogs enjoy the same quality of life as hearing dogs.

Deaf Dogs Rescue Australia was founded by Jai Wilson in 2017 - having adopted a deaf dog with anxiety issues she found there were very few support networks to help owners. She has worked tirelessly, networking with international and local groups to ensure deaf dogs are given a chance and to build a library of resources for all owners. 

UWDOGS have supported DDRA throughout 2019 & 2020 introduced via our social networks, we fell instantly in love with helping dogs with hearing loss. UWDOGS aim to continue to do so moving forward into 2021, loving this passionate Not for Profit organisation, we thank all who give their time to this wonderful cause.


Updated November 2020