Delivery & Shipping

For that Extra Canine Peace of Mind

UWDOGS partners with Shippit Couriers & Australia Post for both our Australian and International Canine Customers. Please see below our Terms & Conditions - Delivery of Goods and Services

 Delivery of Goods and Services
1 The Seller will deliver goods/services to the Customers nominated Postal Address;
1.2 The Customer shall make all arrangements necessary to take delivery of the goods when they are tendered for delivery;
1.3 Delivery of the goods by the Seller to a carrier either upon the Customer’s request or at the discretion of the Seller for the purpose of transmission of the goods to the Customer, is deemed to be delivery of goods to the Customer;
1.4 The Customer shall reimburse the Seller for costs stipulated at time of sale associated with delivery of the goods by a carrier;
1.5 Delivery of the goods to a nominee of the Customer is deemed to be delivery to the Customer of the goods for the purposes of this agreement;
1.6 The failure of the Seller to deliver the goods/services is not to be deemed as the Seller’s repudiation of this contract;
1.7 In the event that products are displayed in error, or a printing error has occurred in respect of product and or events, the seller reserves the right to decline or cancel.
1.8 The seller acknowledges that orders with Australia via Shippit Couriers & Australia Post are subject to location services, and reserves the right to refuse delivery to any location that is not serviced by these services.