Grateful to all our customers for their thoughtful appreciation of Underwater Dogs Haircare. We know that writing a Product Review does take time, but your kind words have helped this small Australian-made business grow into an established brand, recognised for it's fine products and great customer service.  Thank you for loving Underwater Dogs! We will continue to strive for excellence in providing you with...

"Beautiful, professional haircare ~ just like taking your dog to the Hairdresser!" -Quote thanks to Deb Collis, Bangor NSW (Professional Hairdresser)
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Puppy Combo

Love it
Great for cavalier coats

Excellent products, excellent service and Australian owned

Coconut Bombshell

My little Bordoodle puppy loves to live life to the full, this includes rolling in the plants and digging in the dirt or mud! He smelt so lovely and was so soft and silky after his bath!

Puppy Combo
New Puppy's First Bath

No-Knots detangler smells like candy! Our 8 week old pup doesn't shed or get any knots just yet, but based on smell alone I would reorder this product.
Gloss Deoderiser smells like pineapple and coconut. Great for a quick fix on a smelly pup before an outing, but the scent only lasts 8-10 hours before you'll need to reapply.
Shampoo & Conditioner were as gentle as promised and didn't dry out my own sensitive hands. Use the Puppy Shampoo & Conditioner for puppys first ever bath (that's 8 weeks of poop, pee, food, breastmilk and litter-mate stink!!) and there was no trace of odour left behind. She's not a fan of bath time just yet; but I'm a fan of the cleaning power these gentle and beautiful smelling products contain.

No-Knots Everyday Tri-Pack
Melody Van Der Meer
So soft and fluffy

Have used it twice now on pur 2 x 6 month old girls and both my husband and other family members have all commented on just how soft their fur is. So will certainly repurchase.

Skins issues have e gotten worse since using this product


My 16 years old and 4 years old dachshunds have sensitive skin and seasonal allergies. At times, my senior dog will chew himself red raw. I started to use UWDogs (sensitive combo) as soon it arrived. Smelt lovely and doggy spa day are much more easier. Took a few washes and conditions to really notice the less itchiness and licking. Now both of them are more calmer after bath.

Sensitive Combo
Debra Harris
Worth the wait

Our delivery was delayed due to the flooding. Gayle went above and beyond to help me and follow up the delivery. They arrived Sat bathed the pups Sunday and they smelt and felt fabulous- but, today (Monday) they look and feel EVEN BETTER! These products are amazing and very definitely worth the wait ❤️

No-Knots Detangler
Belinda Wright
Puppy Gotcha Day Preparation

As a huge fan of the UW DOGS products I wanted to ensure my puppies went home smelling divine and looking their best. I also ensured they had access to a premium range of haircare for their puppies so I included a bundle of UW DOGS HAIRCARE products in my puppy packs for new parents to continue their grooming once home.
This was very well received by the buyers who couldn’t get enough of their absolutely gorgeous clean coats on Gotcha Day.

Smells good service was great

Sensitive Combo
Anne Ricardo
UWDOGS Shampoo and conditioner

I purchased the shampoo and conditioner for my Jack Russell, other than her looking good, her scratching has subsided

Thankyou ,I received these today and bathed both my dogs this is a brilliant product they are so soft and clean , also not smelly perfume either , they smell so clean and both look gorgeous 😍

5Litre Bulk Supply
Carol Domsalla
Won Over

I have found shampoo, conditioner and gloss wonderful and bought 5 litres of each.

No-Knots Sensitive Tri-Pack
Jennifer McDonald
Really works

I have been mucking around with shampoos and conditioners for ages, trying to find one that not only works well but is suitable for my dogs skin and hair. I have literally spent thousands, then I find Underwater Dogs, which is not only a reasonable price but it actually works. I’m absolutely thrilled with the quality and results. My dog has a coat that knots and mats incredibly easily and causes us both a lot of discomfort and anxiety. Finally found a product that really helps, making both our lives much easier! Highly motivated.

Absolutely love it!

My dogs don't exactly love a bath but we're getting there and I think this product is really going to help because the results make bath time well worth it.
It smells great, lathers beautifully, rinses out well and the silky hair lasts for ages. I have 2 border collies and a dam full of water on the property! They both go for a dip at least once per day. My youngest one would stay in there all day if she could. Their coats are staying silky for weeks after washing and conditioning with your beautiful products.
Very happy to recommend to anyone with dogs with silky hair that knots easily.

Thanks for making refills. Both of our dogs love both time. The amount of fur that comes out during rinsing is incredible. The dogs smell great afterwards.

Puppy Shampoo
Tracey James
Smell so good

The shampoo was delightful to the senses but more importantly gave me 2 clean doggos. The conditioner sample sent with the shampoo convinced me I need it

Kazzi and Euki’s’ bath time

Bathtime was great,I keep feeling my fur babies as their fur is so soft and clean now and they smell so good 🐕🐕

Gloss Deo

I love this so much and I have bought another bottle for my dog and one for my daughter's dog too.
Lovely smell , sure does give the fur a gloss !

Puppy Combo
Deb Dennis

Puppy Combo

The dogs swim daily come back covered in sand and need to be washed I Love knowing my dogs skin is ok with frequent washing

Pure Bliss

Loving these products.
After just 1 use our 2 dogs fur coats were so soft and shiny and smelt amazing. Even days after a bath their coats remain this way. It looks so healthy!
The long hair on our border collie doesn’t matt as easily now and when it does it is a quick fix with the help of the detangling spray.
I would 100% recommend these products and will definitely be continuing to use them.
Thanks Underwater Dogs ❤️

5Litre Bulk Supply
Jeff Chee Quee
Roy the golden retriever

We’ve had golden retrievers for 25 years and Underwater Dogs is the best shampoo and conditioner we’ve ever used!

Sensitive Combo
Loris Cameron

My Papillons are happy

Fabulous products

I've purchased the Sensitive combo previously and I love those. Apart from smelling wonderful the shampoo is very effective, it suds up beautifully and gets my little ratbag nice and white. The conditioner is insane! Any tangles in her fine fur just melt away and she's so easy to brush and dry. I decided to try the Everyday range this time and got the 1 litre pack, I'm equally as impressed with these products. Whilst I absolutely love the Underwater Dogs range Mollie still hates the bath but she does smell wonderful and has silky soft hair!