Grateful to all our customers for their thoughtful appreciation of Underwater Dogs Haircare. We know that writing a Product Review does take time, but your kind words have helped this small Australian-made business grow into an established brand, recognised for it's fine products and great customer service.  Thank you for loving Underwater Dogs! We will continue to strive for excellence in providing you with...

"Beautiful, professional haircare ~ just like taking your dog to the Hairdresser!" -Quote thanks to Deb Collis, Bangor NSW (Professional Hairdresser)
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Sensitive Combo
Ingrid Nich
Sensitive pack

Smell really nice.
Makes my dog coat soft and fluffy.
His coat seems to stay nice been a couple of weeks since washed him. He enjoys it, doesn’t seem to worry about the smell or the product, his skin is going good.

Underwater Dogs has made a huge difference to grooming my Cavoodles coat. Knots are combed out easily, his coat is softer than ever before and he smells amazing!
So happy I found and purchased this amazing Australian product!

Beautiful products

Great product.

Gloss Everyday Tri-Pack
Fiona Halliday

This is by far the best dog shampoo I have used . I have pugs that shed A LOT and have double coats that are very dense. The shampoo has helped loosen the hair and made it easier to remove .

I even had the thought I would try it on my own hair 🤨🤣

Everyday Combo
Desley Vines
Shampoo and Conditioner

Great product, beautiful smell , easy to use and her fur came up lovely and soft 😀

Shiny & Soft

I love my new UWDOGS Shampoo & Conditioner.
My Chocalate Labrador smells great and is super soft & shiny. I washed all her bedding first and then her & 2 weeks later she still smells and feels clean & soft. Usually she has an unclean doggo smell days after her bath, but not this time.
I love these products. I'm pretty sure I will be buying them again when we run out.
Thanks Under Water Dogs 😊💞

The products seem lovely but I was a little disappointed with the scent. That’s probably me being a bit fussy

Sensitive Combo
Vicki Osborn
Dog shampoo & conditioner

We have been using the shampoo & conditioner for just over 2 weeks. It is very nice to use , makes my dogs coat very soft & smells beautiful. Just waiting to see if it actually helps her skin allergies. Will continue using it as directed.

I haven't used it yet but when I do I'll let you know. Smells amazing and the packaging is great 😃

Great product dogs coat lovely and soft after use will co tine to use and highly recommend

My dog is very happy with her new shampoo 🙌

Love this - dogs skin happy with daily wash after the beach

Does the job!

1st time user not really sure if it has made a difference to my dog as she has serious skin allergies to grass (Schoodle) but the smell is divine I’m hoping over longer use it will benefit her as I’m really tired of spending ridiculous $$$$ on things that don’t work!!

Everyday Combo
Jayna Gordon
Great product

It’s easy to wash out and smells nice. She seems to stay smelling good for longer. Maybe she’s not licking? Haven’t tested it yet on a good manky roll in something dead. I’m sure it will clean her up.

No-Knots Everyday Tri-Pack
Desleigh Dayball
Arlo & Beth smell beautiful!

My two ESS smell amazing after their tubbing! They were so easy to brush afterwards, their fur is so soft, and they smell beautiful. Was like a little spa day for them.

Only products I use on my dogs

Of my three fur-babies, one is pretty much allergic to being alive. Having tried just about every product on the markt that promised to help her itchy skin, as well as a broad range of products from the vet, I finally came across UnderWater Dogs. I emailed Gayle to see what she thought might help and after receiving her helpful and extensive reply, I went ahead and ordered my first batch of UWD shampoo and conditioner.
That was quite some time ago now and I can honestly say with hand on heart that Underwater Dogs is the only shampoo/conditioner that gives my girl any kind of relief. Nowadays I buy it in 5 litre combos as both my girls need to be bathed after every beach visit, with the allergy prone one needing to be bathed at least once a month, sometimes every two weeks. All I know if she starts to tear herself to pieces, I give her a UWD bath/condition according to Gayle's directions and she dries up happy, calm and non-itchy.
All my doggy-mum friends also use UWD (at my suggestion) and they are all as equally delighted as I am. Not only does it work like a dream, it smells great and leaves coats soft and shiny.
I'm a happy customer for life, thank you.

Puppy Combo

Love it
Great for cavalier coats

Excellent products, excellent service and Australian owned

Coconut Bombshell

My little Bordoodle puppy loves to live life to the full, this includes rolling in the plants and digging in the dirt or mud! He smelt so lovely and was so soft and silky after his bath!

Puppy Combo
New Puppy's First Bath

No-Knots detangler smells like candy! Our 8 week old pup doesn't shed or get any knots just yet, but based on smell alone I would reorder this product.
Gloss Deoderiser smells like pineapple and coconut. Great for a quick fix on a smelly pup before an outing, but the scent only lasts 8-10 hours before you'll need to reapply.
Shampoo & Conditioner were as gentle as promised and didn't dry out my own sensitive hands. Use the Puppy Shampoo & Conditioner for puppys first ever bath (that's 8 weeks of poop, pee, food, breastmilk and litter-mate stink!!) and there was no trace of odour left behind. She's not a fan of bath time just yet; but I'm a fan of the cleaning power these gentle and beautiful smelling products contain.

No-Knots Everyday Tri-Pack
Melody Van Der Meer
So soft and fluffy

Have used it twice now on pur 2 x 6 month old girls and both my husband and other family members have all commented on just how soft their fur is. So will certainly repurchase.

Skins issues have e gotten worse since using this product


My 16 years old and 4 years old dachshunds have sensitive skin and seasonal allergies. At times, my senior dog will chew himself red raw. I started to use UWDogs (sensitive combo) as soon it arrived. Smelt lovely and doggy spa day are much more easier. Took a few washes and conditions to really notice the less itchiness and licking. Now both of them are more calmer after bath.