Grateful to all our customers for their thoughtful appreciation of Underwater Dogs Haircare. We know that writing a Product Review does take time, but your kind words have helped this small Australian-made business grow into an established brand, recognised for it's fine products and great customer service.  Thank you for loving Underwater Dogs! We will continue to strive for excellence in providing you with...

"Beautiful, professional haircare ~ just like taking your dog to the Hairdresser!" -Quote thanks to Deb Collis, Bangor NSW (Professional Hairdresser)
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This product not only smells good but makes our cavoodle feel so soft. It was recommended to us by our dog groomer and we love it

Used it for the first time and made both my little girls fur soft and lush
Will get this again!!

Love these products have used them on my Bichons and they look whiter without adding extra whitening shampoo. They smell great and the knots are lessened

This product is amazing my little pooch coat looks fantastic,knots come out with ease ,I do my pooch 3 times a week , I can now Combe my cavoodle without fuss and she loves it .
I would recommend this product and seller 5 stars

Am yet to use this product

I followed the specific directions given to me by UWDOGS and was thrilled with the results achieved for my Yorkshire Terrier, Rudy.

Love this stuff , a must have

No-Knots Detangler

No Knots Detangler is great. I used it on my two Bernese Mountain Dogs who never stop shedding. This product made it so much easier. Winnie & Wally look & smell beautiful

No-Knots Everyday Tri-Pack
Amanda Walkington
Shampoo and conditioner

We have just washed our moodle Ted, oh my God his coat is so soft and he smells gorgeous

Everyday Shampoo
JoAnn Watkins
The best smelling dog in the UK!

After winning an international competion of this glorious product, as soon as it ran out we HAD to get more!! Gayle is nothing but professional in our shopping and our shampoo and conditioner arrived promptly ( even though it is the other side of the world!!) Monty is a 7 year old cavapoo who has suffered with rashes, itching and sensitivity- not anymore!! I send the shampoo and conditioner to my groomer so she can use it!! He comes back smelling like pina colada with the softest fur and with no redness on his skin!! We cannot recommend UWDOGS enough. Bath times at home are such a delight too.. am beyond happy and to quote Monty “woof woof woofity woof” ( translation: I love my baths now and smell delish!)

Our Lilly Dog

Lilly is a pure bred Bull Mastiff. She was quite itchy in places, especially around her neck. I purchased Underwater Dogs Shampoo, and it is helping her so much. She is not itching as much and she is much happier. I will definitely use Underwater Dogs Shampoo and Conditioner to help her get back to her usual tail-wagging happy self. She looks and smells great now. Thank you so much for providing such a quality product, and I will continue to use them on Lilly. Great product, great service and quick dispatch from Underwater Dogs. 5 stars to you.

Everyday Combo
Sheryl Grant
What a Smoothie!

Amazing products! I’ve been hand-stripping Rupert, my eight month old English Cocker Spaniel and we finished off today’s session with a UWD spa - to cool us both off! The shampoo, conditioner and No-Knots make a perfect combo, spread beautifully in his coat and rinse easily away. I suffer with really dry hands, but they feel nicely moisturised after using these products, so that’s a great bonus! And Rupert’s coat afterwards…DIVINE 💚 So glad I found you UW Dogs 💚🐶💚

The Best dog Shampoo & conditioner!

My little cavoodle Lucy, Matt’s very easily, and the combination shampoo and conditioner keeps her coat silky and easy to maintain.

Best EVER !

I definitely wouldn’t use anything else on my x2 Toy Poodle’s , it leaves their coats so soft and silky, I’ve tried other dog shampoo’s But nothing surpasses Underwater Dogs shampoo and conditioner , absolutely love it !

Incredible results

I'm not going to lie, my dog does not enjoy bath time, she tolerates it but once she's had enough she turns into a 4.5kg ball of fury and it's a wrestle to rinse her off. This shampoo soaps up beautifully so she only needs one shampoo, other brands don't always get her clean and require a second quick scrub but this one doesn't, her white fur is white again after one wash. For me, the conditioner is a miracle liquid! Mollie is a maltese/shih tzu and her best friend is a staffy/American bulldog and they play fight and get up to mischief all day so her coat is a mess by bath time. The conditioner seems to melt knots and tangles away making it so much easier to brush and dry her. I don't want to run out of this stuff! It's a wonderful bundle and has exceeded my expectations

No-Knots Detangler
May Roberts
Tried it

I am using the detangler every day and love it. Emmy Labradoodle has long hair and this product makes brushing and combing very much easier, as i brush and comb her everyday. She goes in the water at the beach each morning. Yes , she has a great life. I have given her one bath since i received the shampoo and conditioner and she came out supremely clean and so soft. i really love the delicious smells of your products which prompts me to use them a lot. Thanks for making them.

Sensitive Combo
Moira Tyrrell
Lovely Stuff!!!

My Schnauzers smell and look wonderful. This shampoo and conditioner is just about good for humans. I definitely can recommend.

Hands down the best shampoo and conditioner

Randomly searched for shampoo and conditioner for dogs, especially cavoodles. Ended up on the Underwater Dogs website. Never heard of it. Decided to give it a try. Best decision! The shampoo and conditioner quality is next level. It’s been one whole week and my Cavoodle is super silky and soft! The products are well priced and we’re shipped promptly. Highly recommended!!

Everyday Combo
Mark Sullivan
First time wash

Thanks UWDOGS our Charlie is smell wonderful and so soft and fluffy.

No-Knots Detangler
Jenny Tomkins
Amazing knot control

This product is so good for detangling hair, not just for your dog but human hair as well. Love it!!

Excellent for Indie-Dog's sensitive skin

We've been using UWDOGS Puppy Shampoo/Conditioner on my hyper-allergic ACD for well over a year now. the UWDOGS products are the only ones that soothe and give her some relief from constant scratching and tearing at herself. It would seem that a total cure is impossible as she has allergic reactions to pretty much all food; some worse than others, but all proteins cause a reaction sooner or later. As total food elimination is not an option, we've tried pretty much every medicated and so-called "soothing" product on the market - from medicated potions recommended by our vet, to herbals and everything in-between as suggested by friends, family and anyone who's had a good experience with a particular product. Nothing improved her skin and many made it worse. Then I emailed Gayle, (the owner of Underwater Dogs) for advice and we started using UWDOGS products according to her directions. Relief for my gorgeous girl at last!
This latest invention (Sensitive Shampoo) is just as good on Indie's skin as the puppy products; with the added bonus of a lovely light lemony fragrance and coming in a bigger bottle - which is very handy given that our girl needs a good bath after our fortnightly visits to the beach or the sand and salt cause problems with her skin too.
So from all four of my dogs ... Thankyou "Aunty Gayle" for inventing these great products; which not only help our allergic girl but work beautifully on our three "normal" fur-kids too.

Salon Favourite

In my Grooming Salon, I don't limit myself to one brand of shampoo, as every dog and coat is different. I love to try new products especially Australian Made ones. Having given UWDOGS shampoo and conditioner a try, it has become a favourite on my Poodle and Oodle coats. It leaves the coat clean and with great texture which helps a lot when styling. I love how light the conditioner is also.
Great Products!

UWD Shampoo and Conditioner

We have been using UWDOGS Shampoo and Conditioner on our dogs for many years. We have Spoodles and one, in particular had very sensitive skin, and these products were fabulous for her, with absolutely no reaction at all. Both products have a very pleasant aroma and our dogs fur looks bright, clean and shiny when washed. The Conditioner makes a huge difference to brushing the dogs hair after a wash. I would highly recommend both these products. Also, service is very professional and efficient.

Excellent Product for All Coat Types

I have four dogs, one of which has terrible skin allergy problems. UWDOGS puppy shampoo & conditioner plus detangler are the only products that don't cause problems with her skin whilst leaving her coat soft and easy to groom. Needless to say it's just as efficient on my other three who don't have skin problems... so we're UWDOGS for life!