Shampoo Mixer Bottle 750mL

'Great Skin and Hair Doesn't Happen By Chance. It Happens by Choice.'


"After struggling to find a Shampoo and Conditioner that didn’t irritate my fur-kids I found UWDOGS & never looked back! It’s not just the smell, it truly soothes, conditions & repairs dry skin & coats that have been affected by irritations or allergies. It truly works! - Deb"
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Shampoo Application? 

A helpful hint when shampooing your dog is to use a Mixer Bottle. A soft plastic bottle with single spout always works a treat. With the easy-to-use pump on our Underwater Dogs Shampoo -pump product directly into the mixer bottle for a no-waste solution. 

How much product you ask?
By diluting your shampoo this way you will indeed save on how much you use overall, but the size (of your dog) really does matter. Trial and error, but we suggest 3-4 pumps for a small dog, and 6-8 pumps for a large dog. Just fill the bottle with warm water and give it a gentle shake to disperse/mix the shampoo thoroughly.

Using the shampoo from a Mixer Bottle allows the shampoo to distribute evenly throughout your dog’s coat. Just remember to wet your dog thoroughly before application as shampoo always activates better on wet hair vs. dry. Likewise, warm water always works better with the activation process... And your dog will love it!  

Note* Diluted product must be discarded within 24 hours of dilution to ensure no bacterial builds-up due to adding H20. Rinse & dry bottle well between use. 
Try it, we know you’ll like it.

Customer Reviews

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Our Lilly Dog

This is a game changer for me. I no longer have to struggle with Lilly and try to get the pump working on the shampoo bottle. I would highly recommend this, and I don't seem to waste shampoo doing this. Thanks. I have found all your products that I have purchased wonderful, and Lilly smells and feels great after her baths.