Underwater Dogs Haircare Co

It was a cool September morn, as the sun kissed the water down at the Bayview Dog Park, Sydney Australia. The desire to help dirty dogs come clean, giving life to a canine haircare company with a difference. 

With a history of determination, drive and passion, Ralphie J. Cocker CEO led his team into the world of professional haircare, developing a brand especially for his kind.
Testament to his Mission, Vision & Values, Ralphie's business acumen, born from relentless years of dinner served up on the Financial Review, now comes full circle.

"Wet dogs are happy dogs, and clean dogs make happy Humans.
 What would it take to make a line of haircare products that would make everybody happy?

Working alongside his Human, together, they took Underwater Dogs from conceptualisation to viable concept, with products developed especially for the furry kind. Refreshing, naturally soothing and moisturising, soap and paraben-free and specifically pH balanced for dogs with itchy-skin

"The biggest question was... would dirty dogs come clean?"

Affiliated with world renown Underwater Dogs Photographer Seth Casteel, the range is complete. Since Seth’s first book Underwater Dogs took the world by storm in 2012, his instantly recognisable photos have been seen by hundreds of millions of people around the globe. 

What could be better than uniting wet dogs, with professional hair care?

"When approached by UWDOGS from Australia, I was instantly curious, captivated by the Company and its vision. Our brands sit nicely together and I was impressed with its humour, its professionalism and love for dogs everywhere. Seth Casteel

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Ralphie J Cocker - CEO UWDOGS
R.I.P September 23, 2019