Certified Breeders

We're collaborating with certified breeders across Australia and within the USA. It's agreed, that caring for a new puppy from that very first day is paramount to good health and longevity. We also agree that working together, combining our expertise aids in the process of nurturing and caring for puppies everywhere.

No puppy leaves a good breeding establishment without its new owner receiving a duly completed registration form, full instructions on the rearing and care of the puppy including basic care, nutrition and grooming, certificate of vaccination, micro-chip and a local vet check certificate. 

Our passion lies in great skin & hair health. Using professionally formulated, purpose built products from the start give your puppies the perfect platform, paving the way for great skin health to come. Therefore, we're offering all certified breeders access to our products for their personal puppy packs, or the ability to purchase for your customers direct via our online store.

Professional salon quality products
Underwater Dogs produces an extraordinarily mild, soap-free puppy shampoo that is delicate and gentle on new skin and eyes, nourishing and protecting by hydrating and balancing natural ph levels. Beautifully fragranced with baby-powder vanilla and coconut, customers will be excited to know, that their new puppy smell can be easily maintained.

Educating new puppy owners to condition their puppy following a cleansing shampoo sets-up a lifetime of skin protection. After all, being a woman, I would never NOT condition my own hair; and there should be no difference when it comes to canines.

Underwater Dogs Conditioner feels like silk, is naturally moisturising, light and easily massaged into puppy's skin. It can also be used as a leave-in treatment if sensitivities emerge like dry, itchy or allergies to foods or environmental allergens. The conditioning process is paramount to great skin and hair health and there's no better time to start, than from the get-go.

Starting out with a product range that cares, delivers, nourishes and protects a puppy from the start will build skin and hair quality, giving them a good and healthful base, just like nutrition, veterinarian requirements and exercise.

If you would like to join our Puppy Collaboration, please email us direct here at woof@uwdogs.com . Happy to answer all of your questions.

Sydney Cavoodles 
My customers were always asking me about shampoo for their Cavoodle or Spoodle, and among all things new-puppy, grooming products are so important. I only wanted Australian made too, as it was important that I develop relationships with those experts in their field. I have used Underwater Dogs for years on my puppies and dogs, and love the.... xxxxxxx
By collaborating with great Australian companies that I not only believe in, but are tried and true I'm taking the guess work out of the basics for my customers. The process is easy, I can have products on hand for my puppy packs, or re-oder and have products sent directly to my customers. Highly recommend UWDOGS.