Deluxe Pamper Pack 500mL
Deluxe Pamper Pack 500mL
Deluxe Pamper Pack 500mL
Deluxe Pamper Pack 500mL
Deluxe Pamper Pack 500mL
Underwater Dogs Haircare

Deluxe Pamper Pack 500mL


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Owners of messy dogs will appreciate the delicious Underwater Dogs fragrances that hang around for days... So here's a Deluxe Pamper Pack for your spoilt pup! 

Professional salon formulated SHAMPOO, CONDITIONER, NO-KNOTS Detangler & GLOSS Spray Deodoriser made specifically for your dog. Soap-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free, naturally moisturising and containing unique blends of pH balanced ingredients adding softness and shine to every coat.

Born from a love & passion of global professional human haircare, Underwater Dogs is a salon professional range adored by groomers and customers alike. Naturally soothing, moisturising and deliciously fragranced with baby-powder, vanilla and coconut ice, Underwater Dogs products give a thorough yet gentle clean, maintaining oil equilibrium and reducing irritation to those with ‘dry and sensitive’ skin.

Our everyday SHAMPOO is completely soap & paraben-free, cruelty-free, pH balanced and ultra-moisturising, naturally soothing and nourishing giving a thorough yet gentle clean while maintaining oil equilibrium. Our CONDITIONER creates protective barriers that retain moisture, conditioning and revitalising every coat. May be used as a Leave-in conditioning treatment for those with dry, sensitive, itchy or allergy-prone skin-types. 

NO-KNOTS Detangler & Deodoriser is a Leave-in spray detangler helping to reduce matting & tangles, reconditioning damaged hair allowing easy combing or brushing. A professional hair-relaxant, NO-KNOTS Detangler restores long-haired coats to a healthy & lustrous state. GLOSS Spray Shine Deodoriser, is a light silicone-based spray shine & deodoriser in-one, that feels like silk and gives long-lasting protection. Deliciously fragranced with pineapple and coconut, GLOSS is the finishing touch to making your dog’s coat shine and smell like a tropical island dream. Just like a Pina Colada🍹

How Often should you bath your Dog?
Just as every human is different, so is your dog. Some will tell you to bath every week, others will tell you every 4-6 weeks. Some will tell you not to bath your dog at all! 

We say... that you should bath 'your' dog when you believe it's necessary. For some this is every week, for others every three weeks and for some, even twice a year. What's actually more important is... "what you're bathing your dog in." 

Professional formulations are scientifically researched and developed by professionals who understand the make-up of skin and hair in your dog. It's about the ability to cleanse (without stripping natural oils) and preparing the skin and hair shaft to absorb moisture... conditioning, hydrating and protecting. Just like human shampoos, there are a myriad of products on the market. We encourage you to build skin and hair health in your dog with a trusted professionally formulated brand, consistent in its quality ingredients, formulations and viability.

Underwater Dogs Haircare Company is just that. Haircare for Dogs - it's all we do. And, just like going to the Hairdresser we stand by our product range with the only Australian Canine Haircare 100% Money Back Guarantee. Proud of our formulations and the rejuvenation of skin health in dogs... especially those with dry, itchy, sensitive and allergy-prone skin types. 

Deluxe Pamper Packs are beautifully presented and available in Puppy, 250mL & 500mL sizes. All products come with the Underwater Dogs 100% Money Back Guarantee. You will not be disappointed.

Proudly Made in Australia🇦🇺