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Underwater Dogs Haircare is a professional haircare range for dogs sold predominately through selected specialist doggie outlets, grooming salons & online retailers. 'Skin & Hair Heath' our mantra, products are specifically for dry, hot, red, sensitive, itchy or allergy-prone skin-types. Cooling and naturally moisturising.

The latest, scientifically researched and professional grooming salon formulated products are soap and paraben-free using the highest quality raw materials, naturally moisturising leaving coats super clean and feeling soft as silk. To ensure a protected canine acid mantle every time, all products are pH balanced. 

Extraordinary fragrances, delicious summer cocktails of coconut and vanilla, and the gelato freshness of citrus, mandarin & pineapple will blow your mind. Underwater Dogs promise you the cleanest, softest, most delicious smelling dog on the block OR your money back.



In conjunction with her Vet, Misty had tried everything.
Diet, Medicated Shampoos, Antihistamines, Antibiotics & even Steroids. He said that if she had been human, she would have been at the Dermatologist weekly. After 3 baths with Underwater Dogs Shampoo & Conditioner Misty's skin calmed and she has been sleeping, eating and growing her fur back ever since. She smells divine for the first time in her life. Thank you UWDOGS for giving me back my Misty! - Jennie Ghadiminejad  


The Shampoo
Grooming Salon Formula - Soap-free - Paraben-free - pH Balanced
Professional formulation blending unique soap-free & quality pH balanced ingredients clean beautifully without damaging your dog's delicate acid mantle, adding softness & lustre to every coat whilst maintaining a natural oil/moisture equilibrium. Underwater Dogs Shampoo uses mild & conditioning cleansing agents & is delicately fragranced with coconut & vanilla. Perfect for dry, itchy & sensitive skin-types. Available in 250mL 500mL & 5L Bulk Pack

Puppy Shampoo
Extra Mild Formula - Soap-free - Paraben-free - pH Balanced
Mild & gentle, this soap-free shampoo is made especially for pups or for those with more severe skin conditions. A pH balanced, naturally soothing formulation deliciously infused with coconut & baby-powder vanilla take care of new coats, giving a thorough clean while remaining gentle on puppy's skin. Also perfect for dry, itchy, sensitive & allergy-prone skin-types, our extra-mild formula leaves skin ultra-moisturised & hair, 'oh so soft.' Available in 250mL & 5L Bulk Pack

The Conditioner
Naturally Moisturising - pH Balanced
Unique blend of superior ingredients condition & revitalise coats, creating protective barriers that retain moisture. Deliciously fragranced with coconut, Conditioner is designed for comb-ability, promoting softness & shine. Use following an Underwater Dogs Shampoo when wet & rinse out OR, use as a leave-in conditioning treatment for those with extra dry & sensitive skin. Either way, no product build-up & added moisture will aid in the rejuvenation of damaged skin. Made for all puppies & dogs. Available in 250mL 500mL & 5L Bulk Pack

No-Knots Detangler
Detangler & Deodoriser Spray Atomiser
A leave-in Detangler & Deodoriser helps reduce matting & tangles, reconditioning damaged hair to allow easy combing or brushing, restoring long-haired coats to a healthy & lustrous state. Product may be used WET or DRY. As a Deodoriser, No-Knots gives long-lasting freshness between baths, & leaves no residue, so use as often as required. Deliciously fragranced with mandarin & coconut. Available in 250mL & 5L Bulk Pack

Gloss Shine Deodoriser
Deodoriser & Shine Finishing Spray Atomiser
A spray shine finishing deodoriser that leaves coats looking & smelling good enough to eat. Silicone-based spray that feels like silk & gives long-lasting protection, leaving hair healthy & full of shine. A little goes a long way & with no product residue, use Gloss frequently. Deliciously fragranced with pineapple & coconut (like a Pina Colada)... smell the difference. Underwater Dogs Gloss is the true finishing touch. Available in 125mL & 5L Bulk Pack

Grooming Notes
*Professional formulations all work in unison & coconut fragrances marry allowing scent to last longer. Shampoos may be diluted if you choose to do so but use concentrated formula on all the greasy bits. Thoroughly wet your dog in warm water first to ensure the ultimate coverage; shampoos feel luxurious, silky smooth to touch & rinse with ease due to their soap-free formulation. See & feel the difference. Note* If you choose to dilute Shampoo at any time, discard any unused mixture within 24hrs to avoid contamination.

*No need for a Blue shampoo - Underwater Dogs Shampoo gives the best of cleans, making whites whiter-than-white without the need for stronger or additional formulations.

*No need for a De-Shedding specific shampoo - Following an Underwater Dogs Shampoo and leave-in Conditioning treatment, moisture-full formulation allows shedding hair to be blown out. No need for heavy brushing on thick double coats.

*Conditioner has great viscosity - feels like silk, spreading with ease. May be used wet & rinsed out OR, as a leave-in treatment for those with dry, sensitive or maturing skins. For those with thick, wiry, double or curly coats, we suggest brushing conditioner through the coat before rinsing. No residual build-up, fur light & full of moisture. Dry time unaffected.

*No-Knots Detangler is a canine hair-relaxant; spray in & massage through on difficult areas. Hair softens on contact, combing through tangles with ease. Maybe used wet OR dry & during the drying process on longer-haired dogs for added conditioning.

Haircare products are available in retail sizes or bulk wholesale supply to grooming salons & retail outlets and are all suitable for use with topical Flea & Tick treatments. All products carry the UNDERWATER DOGS 100% Money Back Guarantee. T&C's apply.



"What amazing products! I’ve been using Underwater Dogs products on all the dogs I groom since August 2018. It was by chance I came across Underwater Dogs, and I’m so happy I did. I’ve been running my dog services business for 10 years, and during that time I’ve not seen products like this. After the dogs have been bathed, they look and feel beautiful, and the result lasts longer than other products. No other shampoos and conditioners achieve the finishing look like this. Before the dogs leave the salon, they get spritzed with the coat gloss spray; think coconuts, pineapples, beach and no sandy dog! I have never loved a grooming product more than I love this. Thanks UWDogs." Beth Figa ~ Jackson’s Dog Service Vocational Education and Training Dog Grooming Teacher

"We have been using Underwater Dogs shampoo, conditioner as well as no-knots detangler & gloss shine deodoriser in our grooming salon for close on 2 years. This product is by far the best we have ever used. Our customers have noticed a remarkable difference in their dogs coats, especially our clientele who suffer from itchy and sensitive skin, not to mention the beautiful coconut aroma which leaves the dogs smelling amazing! I cannot recommend Underwater Dogs highly enough and will continue to use this product to achieve the best results for our furry customers." Sally, Owner ~ Groomingdales Fairlight NSW

"I am the owner of Bloomingtails dog grooming and doggy daycare, we have been using Underwater dogs products for the last 8 months. I have used lots of products over the years when grooming and I cannot recommend this product enough, we have noticed such a difference in the dogs hair and skin since changing over to Underwater Dogs. They are much more hydrated, I have had no reactions to the product and, they really have that healthy salon glow. We are also so happy that our own skin is so much better, bathing dogs all day and using certain products can definitely dry out your skin, but not with Underwater Dogs. Our skin is hydrated and healthy."  Candice Seckold, Owner ~ Bloomingtails Dog Grooming & Daycare - Lane Cove NSW

"Being an owner and groomer for my three forever dirty life loving dogs, I needed a product that not only made my paw kids incredibly clean, but a naturally moisturising product that was also gentle on their skin. Well I found everything I desired in UWDOGS products. These products are soap free and pH balanced with a fragrance that just knocks my socks off and a conditioner that leaves my “kids” with a softness that is quite unbelievable - the clippers just glide thru. It makes grooming a breeze!!!  Over the years I have used so many different shampoos and conditioners and the Underwater Dogs products are definitely a cut above the rest!!! Would recommend them to all dog groomers/owners who believe that their paw babies deserve the very best!" Arienne ~ Russell Island, QLD

"Spots & Brows Grooming has been created by two young passionate dog lovers. During our Pet Grooming Course at Sydney Tafe we were introduced to the creator of Underwater Dogs. Gayle was a delight and driven to share her product to the world, giving free samples for everyone to try. We used these samples during our class time with the hydro bath and volunteer dogs – guess what? UNDERWATER DOGS IS THE BEST! We found it cleansed the dogs skin, creating such a soft and clean feel, was able to go on a sensitive skin and, left a delicious smell on the coat. Other shampoo’s have not given this ‘clean’ feel or left much moisture in the coat where as UWDOGS puts moisture back. It may take longer to dry because of how moisturising it really is, but It’s a far better thing for us that the dogs coat is thoroughly conditioned! I prefer that over anything and would not change a thing. The course has well ended -and a salon created – Spots & Brows Grooming. We ONLY use UWDOGS shampoo, conditioner, no-knots detangling spray and the gloss shine. We don't sell any other retail products as we truly believe Underwater Dogs is the best of the best...Being able to use ONE shampoo on all skin types has to be the most genius idea in history of coat care for dogs; LOVE that we can use the no-knots spray to help get out matting on wet OR dry fur & LOVE the smell of the deodoriser, gloss spray. We will not be looking back, only looking forward with our favourite brand! " Heather & Elise ~ Owners Spots & Brows Grooming, (Pet Resorts) Dural NSW

"I purchased the Underwater Dogs Shampoo and Conditioner for my Cavoodle Lily on the recommendation of friends and after researching the product in depth. It is nothing short of brilliant! Lily’s coat is absolutely glistening. I thought she was shiny before but this is a whole new level. She feels like silk and she smells divine – not highly perfumed at all. It’s the first time I have bathed her where she didn’t fight like crazy when I washed her face – I’m assuming that is because it didn’t sting her eyes. Usually she starts having a scratch directly after her bath and goes from one end of the room rubbing herself all over the carpet trying to get her smell back. She did neither this time! An added bonus for me is that my hands are so smooth – I usually have prune skin hands. I can’t recommend this product highly enough. I still have loads of Aloveen shampoo and conditioner but there is no way I’m going back to that after this result. I might even try it on my own hair! Thank u UWDOGS - we are rapt in your products!" Kathy Mitchell, Sydney

"I started shampooing my show dogs with Underwater Dogs Shampoo and Conditioner about six weeks ago. The subtle changes are amazing, their coats are extremely soft, and the depth of colour makes their coats look quite luxurious. Our older girl’s coat which was clipped in the summer looked dull and she had sensitive skin with a tendency to scratch. However, since having two treatments with Underwater Dogs her coat has a lot more shine and is very soft and, the itchiness has eased. We are extremely happy with the changes that we are seeing in our dog’s coats." Robyn McCully (NSW Bernese Mountain Dog Club)

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Hey Mum,
I know u can feel how much I love our bath time routine - ur so gentle w me making sure de soap doesn’t get in my eyes. U iz v v good at butt and head massages - I really love dem and de way u snuggle me when I in de towel - I really love dat. Can u do dat fing where u wrap me in a dry towel and let me sleep on de couch? Did I tell u I love u? Here’s a tail wag just so u can tell how happie I am.  Darren xx 

Darren & Philly @the_blueboys (Melbourne) 731K Instagram Followers & 602,048 video views (as of June 2019)


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