Professional Product Notes

Professional Salon Formulated Haircare Products

*Professional formulations
all work in unison with coconut fragrances layering allowing scents to last longer. Shampoos may be diluted if you choose to do so, but use concentrated formula on all the greasy bits.

Thoroughly wet the dog in warm water (all the way to the skin), as formulas activate best on wet hair, ensuring the ultimate coverage. Shampoos feel luxurious, silky smooth to touch & rinse with ease due to their soap-free formulation.

Shampoos all dilute extremely well, although one thorough, concentrated shampoo will achieve the same result. On new clients, we encourage the first bath to be 2 x Shampoo, to ensure you are thoroughly removing all dirt, grime and oil build-up. The second shampoo working the skin and hair, foaming beautifully and giving the ultimate in cleansing. Always seal the deal with our Conditioner - closing the hair follicle, capturing moisture - hydrating and leaving coats soft and silky. See & feel the difference. 

Note* If you choose to dilute Shampoo, discard any unused mixture within 24hrs to avoid contamination.

*No need for a Blue shampoo as Underwater Dogs Shampoo gives the ultimate clean, making whites whiter-than-white without the need for harsh chemicals or additional ingredients which lead to skin dryness.

*No need for a De-Shedding specific shampoo due to Underwater Dogs Shampoo having full moisturising qualities and our leave-in Conditioning treatment being a moisture-full formulation. These two products allow shedding hair to be blown out during the drying process. No need for heavy brushing on thick double coats, hair will fly out.

De-Shedding is NOT reliant on a specific shampoo; rather the moisturising qualities of your shampoo and conditioning products combined - hydrating the skin, and allowing the hair follicle to release shedding hair more easily.

*Conditioner has great viscosity feeling like silk and spreading with ease. May be rinsed out OR used as a leave-in treatment for those with dry, sensitive or maturing skins. For those with thick, wiry, double or curly coats, we suggest brushing conditioner through the coat before rinsing with a large, wide-toothed comb. This ensures the perfect coverage, with every fur strand covered.

Rinse out or leave-in, there be no residual build-up, fur will remain light & full of moisture. Dry time unaffected. Perfect as a paw balm too, massage directly into the skin.

*No-Knots Detangler is a canine hair-relaxant. Spray in and massage throughly into difficult areas, matting or knots. Hair softens on contact, allowing the comb to work-out knots and eventually slide through tangles with ease.

Maybe used wet OR dry or during the drying process on longer-haired dogs for added conditioning. On tougher matts, spray on direct, soaking the area and massage in really well for at least a minute. The hair will com[pletely soften allowing the matt to be gently eased out using fingers or comb. Note* Always comb knot out from the end of the hair strand, in-towards the skin.

A great product for you to supply as an 'upsell' opportunity. Each long-haired dog customer should purchase a No-Knots from you at RRP $23.95 to use daily when brushing their dog - making your job that much easier when you groom them every 6-8 weeks or more.

*Gloss Deodoriser Shine is your finishing spray/deodoriser and another great product for 'upsell' opportunities. A small amount of silicone (the good variety) allows for a super shine (especially good on black or red coats), but don't use too much - as a little goes a long way! The coconut & pineapple fragrance (just like a Pina Colada) is divine! It will be the first thing your client's notice on pick-up.

I use this product on myself, as a shine and cologne, and I cannot get enough.

All haircare products are available in retail sizes or bulk wholesale supply to grooming salons & retail outlets and are all suitable for use with topical Flea & Tick treatments, and products carry the UNDERWATER DOGS 100% Money Back Guarantee*. T&C's apply.