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Itchy Skin: Misty Part 2

Itchy Skin: Misty Part 2

"Thank you for giving me back my Misty"

So you've read Part 1 of our [Case Study]:
Am I ever going to sleep through the night again?

The beautiful Shih Tzu, 'Misty' from Dural NSW Australia has broken hearts. Moving from red-raw puppy-in-distress to playful-pup... we've actually watched Misty re-energise. As hair and skin rejuvenation evolves, so too returns her puppy mojo. In Part 2 of our Case Study, Misty's human Jennie shares a further 4 weeks of Misty's Underwater Dogs journey.

First, let us recap: 

“Misty has had severe skin problems since we got her; 7.5 years ago.

What started out as mild scratching, turned into literally ripping her fur out causing her to bleed. Our vet said, that if she were human she would need to see the Dermatologist every week. The problem was resolved temporarily by her taking a tablet, which was an antihistamine/steroid mix.

Unfortunately, she got used to it [the explanation at the time] and it stopped having any real impact. I tried countless shampoos and washes and none of them worked. It has been an uphill struggle to try and gain control. Her sleeping, and ours was affected and her appetite was very poor.

A friend mentioned a new haircare range called Underwater Dogs. Sometimes we felt like there was nothing else we could do, and of course we were willing to try anything. Anything to offer Misty some relief."

Photos sent Pre-Underwater Dogs Shampoo and Conditioner regime:

Part 2: Misty's Underwater Dogs Journey continues

Tuesday, 25 July 2017  11:25 am
Dear Underwater Dogs,
Misty is so happy and content. Her appetite is amazing (to say the least) and she is sleeping beautifully. The only set back we encountered was when she ploughed through some tall grass and it irritated her immediately.

I gave her an Underwater Dogs bath straight away and was thrilled to see that it calmed her skin down completely. We seriously have forgotten that she used to stink! I now bath her once a week and her fur is soft and shiny.

We have also noticed that her skin colour is pale pink and that her fur is growing back in places where she has not had fur for years. We have also noticed that a little of the Shampoo and Conditioner goes a long way, and it lathers beautifully. I will give her a bath on Thursday and send some more pictures after that. 
I am truly impressed with your products and I am going to mention them to my vet when I next visit. He frequently tells me how many dogs he sees with skin complaints like Misty’s; it is a problem that they see frequently.

Photo sent after 4 baths with Underwater Dogs Shampoo and Conditioner:

Monday, 31 July 2017  1:07 pm
Hello again Underwater Dogs, I hope you've had a lovely weekend.
We had Misty all brushed; wide eyed and bushy tailed for her photo shoot, when she secretly crept outside and rolled in a nasty bed of Farmers Friend. She came back inside looking more like a porcupine than a Shih Tzu, so the clean up is still a work in progress, but I hope to have her cleaned and bathed and photographed any day. Sorry not to have new photographs to you today.

Farmers Friend [Bidens pilosa L.] Commonly known as; farmer's friend, stick-tights, pitch-forks, burr marigold. Densely hairy woody herb that grows on any disturbed or waste ground, roadsides and areas that are dry and infertile. 

Tuesday, 8 August 2017  10:34 am

Dear Underwater Dogs, 
Misty’s fur has become so lush and thick, that we had to give her a fur cut on Sunday. We usually dread doing it (grooming her) because it leaves her showing bright red skin - not nice when you have the heart of a Princess.
This time however was a completely different story.  She looks wonderful; prettier than we have ever seen her, and boy is she full of life.

"Interestingly enough for me, Misty has got her ‘puppy days’ back and loves to roll over and over on her back in sheer delight, usually in anything that she knows we will find disgusting."

From conversations with my vet and other dog owners, it is just astonishing how massive the ‘itchy’ dog problem is. It may surprise you to know, but people believe medication is their only option. I hope to see my vet soon. He has only ever seen Misty when she has been red and itchy, so this is going to be such a treat for him.

Will certainly be going onto your website to leave testimonials for both your Shampoo and Conditioner. We have been so impressed with your products. And, the photos will keep on coming.


Monday 21 August, 2017 - A message from Underwater Dogs.

Dear Jennie, Misty and Family, 
From all at Underwater Dogs we cannot express just how happy we are, for you all. Your story has been heart warming, infact, goose-bump material each and every time we hear from you. We are passionate about what we do, and this story is a massive reward on so many levels.
Knowing that Misty has her mojo back; your family after such a long time enjoying her renewed pizazz; Misty smelling yummy like a vanilla-coconut ice-cream and, that our Underwater Dogs haircare products are truly what we know them to be. 

It has been invaluable for us all to see the changes in your wee princess, and we hope with faith that all continues (save the Farmer's Friend). We will look forward to continuing our journey alongside Misty and your family.

Kind regards,


At UWDOGS we're passionate about what we do and are thrilled to have received feed-back from Misty, aiding dogs to achieve great skin and hair-health; our core company vision. Watch this space, as we continue to follow Misty in the hope that as her skin health improves, so does her emotional health and well-being. And of course, that of her family.

A big thank you to Jennie, Misty and her family. Like others around the world, we admire them for their ‘never give up attitude.’ A testament to dog lovers everywhere; relentless in their quest for a healthy, happy dog and... a good night’s sleep.

Underwater Dogs is a professional haircare company for canines, promising you the cleanest, softest most delicious smelling dog on the block! Professional grooming salon formulas, naturally moisturising shampoos and conditioners are soap-free, paraben-free and pH balanced, made especially for your dog.

We’re proud of our product range and would like to reassure all our dog-loving customers that our quality ingredients, and scientific formulations will not let you down. All products are backed by the Underwater Dogs 100% Money Back Guarantee. 

If you have a question or would like to speak with the Underwater Dogs team, please email our Customer Service Dog: OR, connect via our Contact Page


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