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'Great Skin and Hair Doesn't Happen By Chance. It Happens by Choice.'


"After struggling to find a Shampoo and Conditioner that didn’t irritate my fur-kids I found UWDOGS & never looked back! It’s not just the smell, it truly soothes, conditions & repairs dry skin & coats that have been affected by irritations or allergies. It truly works! - Deb"
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Professional salon formulated SENSITIVE SKIN SHAMPOO and CONDITIONER COMBO using premium quality ingredients that naturally treat, soothe & moisturise, nourishing & revitalising your dog's sensitive skin & coat. Our Sensitive Skin Shampoo uses the highest quality Australian Essential Oil, Lemon Myrtle, high in anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial properties helping to soothe inflammation, aiding in the treatment of topical skin infection. Our Conditioner creates protective barriers that retain moisture, conditioning and revitalising skin and coat. May be used as a Leave-in conditioning treatment for those with dry, sensitive, itchy or allergy-prone skin-types.

  • Proudly Made in Australia🇦🇺
  • Professional Grooming Salon Formula
  • Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Inflammatory Properties
  • Naturally Moisturising & Soothing Formulation
  • Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil
  • No Synthetic Fragrance
  • Soap-free, Paraben-free, Cruelty-free
  • pH balanced Ingredients add Silky Softness & Shine
  • Available in 500mL & 5Litre Bulk
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee*

Safe on Eyes?
Our naturally moisturising SENSITIVE SHAMPOO (anti-bacterial formulation) gives a thorough yet gentle clean, maintains oil equilibrium and reduces irritation in those with ‘dry and sensitive’ skin. Is safe to use around eyes of all ages and is ultra-moisturising for human hands.

Note* Soap-free shampoo formula allows fast and easy rinsing and our Leave-in Conditioner gets your puppy in and out of the bath quick smart. For those pups with itchy skin, it is best practice to leave the conditioner on affected areas with only a light rinse from head to tail. Products are concentrated, so a little goes a long way!

Is your dog itching themselves red-raw?
There may be many reasons your dog itches. Topical skin allergies may play a part, or the food they eat, maybe even the affect of different grasses or the water they play in. But let's consider their ACID MANTLE or relative pH BALANCE - that slightly acidic layer covering their skin that protects from nasty environmental contaminants like bacteria, parasites and virus.

Scientifically, the stratum corneum is the topmost layer of skin responsible for keeping your dog's outer-selves healthy and hydrated. When we bathe our dog with soaps and shampoos, part of this protective layer of acidic oil gets washed away. It's part of the process. When the pH balance is disturbed and oils removed, the skin is left defenceless against hosts of micro-organisms. This presents in dry, irritated and sometimes flaky skin and may lead to an unsightly rash; leaving your dog itchy.

Always choose a naturally moisturising pH Balanced Shampoo for your dog. We also encourage you to always condition your dog, replacing lost moisture due to the cleansing process -hydrating, rejuvenating and locking in moisture. Say good-bye to the itchy-scratchies!

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Message from our Canine Executive Officer (CEO)

As our floofy clientele take to the tub with tails wagging, their parents all agree... Underwater Dogs with its salon quality formulas, premium ingredients and naturally moisturising qualities, hydrate and rejuvenate canine skin leaving furs so so soft, and smelling like a tropical island dream. We remain committed to being the BEST dog haircare brand... your dog expects us to be.

"On that footpath of life... UNDERWATER DOGS smells right, feels good, and makes my Hooman happy."

Louie, CEO UWDOGS 2023

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Loris Cameron

My Papillons are happy

Anna Ferrari
Darn Good Stuff!!

Started using sensitive pack as soon as it arrived. Smelt lovely, dog even likes it! Took a few washes and conditions to really notice reduced licking and itching, but now almost a ‘normal’ dog. Happily using each beach visit (nearly every day during summer).


First time using this product and I followed the instructions. I love it. My dogs coats are so soft and lovely. Can’t wait to see after a few more washes! I’ll definitely be ordering again.

Belinda Blackford
sensitive dog shampoo and conditioner

Hi all,
Very happy with this product my spoodle's coat was so soft and smelt awesome after his bath. the product didn't seem to irritate his skin which meant no scratching. luv the product

Incredible results

I'm not going to lie, my dog does not enjoy bath time, she tolerates it but once she's had enough she turns into a 4.5kg ball of fury and it's a wrestle to rinse her off. This shampoo soaps up beautifully so she only needs one shampoo, other brands don't always get her clean and require a second quick scrub but this one doesn't, her white fur is white again after one wash. For me, the conditioner is a miracle liquid! Mollie is a maltese/shih tzu and her best friend is a staffy/American bulldog and they play fight and get up to mischief all day so her coat is a mess by bath time. The conditioner seems to melt knots and tangles away making it so much easier to brush and dry her. I don't want to run out of this stuff! It's a wonderful bundle and has exceeded my expectations