No-Knots 5L

'Great Skin and Hair Doesn't Happen By Chance. It Happens by Choice.'


"After struggling to find a Shampoo and Conditioner that didn’t irritate my fur-kids I found UWDOGS & never looked back! It’s not just the smell, it truly soothes, conditions & repairs dry skin & coats that have been affected by irritations or allergies. It truly works! - Deb"
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Professional salon formulated Leave-in Detangler and Deodoriser using unique blends of pH balanced ingredients adding softness and shine to every coat. No-Knots is a hair relaxant, aiding in the reduction of matting and tangles and as our customers say - "It's a little magic in a bottle."

Deliciously fragranced with coconut & mixed berries, NO-KNOTS Detangler is the best Australian Made DOG Detangler on the market. A little magic in a bottle, so keep one in your purse and one in your glove-box.

  • Proudly Made in Australia🇦🇺
  • Leave-in Spray Detangler
  • Reduces Matting & Tangles
  • Allows Easy Combing or Brushing
  • Reconditions Damaged Hair
  • Daily Use for Coat Maintenance
  • In-between Bath Freshness
  • Use WET or DRY for NO MORE KNOTS
  • Available in 250mL, 5Litre Bulk + Tri-Packs
  • Read Professional Groomer Testimonials Here
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

NO-KNOTS Detangler is a professional hair-relaxant helping to reduce matting & tangles, reconditioning damaged hair to allow easy combing or brushing. A spray moisturiser, NO-KNOTS may be used WET or DRY giving long-lasting freshness between baths, and on a daily basis for coat maintenance or in-between bath freshness. Product leaves no residue, so use as often as required.

Spray in and massage throughly into difficult areas, matting or knots. Hair softens on contact allowing the comb to gently work-out knots and eventually slide through tangles with ease. On tougher matts, spray on direct, soaking the area and massage in really well for at least a minute. The hair will soften completely allowing the matt to be gently eased out using fingers or comb. Note* Always comb knot out from the end of the hair strand, in-towards the skin.

Deliciously fragranced with coconut & mixed berries NO-KNOTS Detangler is the best Australian Made Dog Detangler & Deodoriser on the market. A little magic in a bottle, so keep one in your purse and one in your glove-box.

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Message from our Canine Executive Officer (CEO)

As our floofy clientele take to the tub with tails wagging, their parents all agree... Underwater Dogs with its salon quality formulas, premium ingredients and naturally moisturising qualities, hydrate and rejuvenate canine skin leaving furs so so soft, and smelling like a tropical island dream. We remain committed to being the BEST dog haircare brand... your dog expects us to be. 

"On that footpath of life... UNDERWATER DOGS smells right, feels good, and makes my Hooman happy."

Louie, CEO UWDOGS 2023

Customer Reviews

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Excellent Detangler at a Great Price when Buying in Bulk

The new smell was a slight surprise as I'm more of a lemon/coconut girl than a berry one; however it's not an unpleasant smell and dissipates quickly. More importantly the Detangler works just as efficiently as the "old" formula and doesn't cause any reaction in my highly allergic dog. As always Gayle responded to my questions about the new formula quickly, fully and in a friendly manner. So as always ... thank you, we're UWDOGS customers for life :)

Satisfied customer

Totally recommend this company great products, fantastic customer service and prompt delivery with updates