Professional Groomers Trial Pack
Underwater Dogs Haircare

Professional Groomers Trial Pack

$35.00 AUD


Priced GST & Freight exclusive and FULLY REDEEMABLE on your first BULK (5L) ORDER. Available to Professional Groomers only. One Sample Pack per Wholesale Account.

Pack includes:

The Shampoo - 250mL Pump Pack
Grooming Salon Formula - Soap-free - Paraben-free - pH Balanced
Professional formulation blending unique soap-free & quality pH balanced ingredients clean beautifully without damaging your dog's delicate acid mantle, adding softness & lustre to every coat whilst maintaining a natural oil/moisture equilibrium. Underwater Dogs Shampoo uses mild & conditioning, soap-free cleansing agents & is fragranced with coconut & vanilla. Perfect for dry, itchy & sensitive skin-types. Available in 250mL 500mL & Professional 5L Bulk Packs.  

Puppy Shampoo - 250mL Pump Pack
Extra Mild Formula - Soap-free - Paraben-free - pH Balanced
Nourishing & gentle, this extra-mild soap-free shampoo is made especially for pups or for those with more severe skin conditions. A pH balanced, naturally soothing formulation deliciously infused with coconut & baby-powder vanilla take care of new coats, giving a thorough clean while remaining gentle on puppy's skin. Also perfect for dry, itchy, sensitive & allergy-prone skin-types, our soap-free extra-mild formula leaves skin ultra-moisturised & hair, 'oh so soft.' Available in 250mL & Professional 5L Bulk Pack. 

The Conditioner - 250mL Pump Pack
Naturally Moisturising - pH Balanced
Unique blend of superior ingredients condition & revitalise coats, creating protective barriers that retain moisture. Deliciously fragranced with coconut, our Conditioner is designed for comb-ability, promoting softness & shine. Use following an Underwater Dogs Shampoo when wet & rinse out OR, use as a leave-in conditioning treatment for those with extra dry & sensitive skin. Either way, no product build-up & added moisture will aid in the rejuvenation of damaged skin. Made for all puppies & dogs. Available in 250mL 500mL & Professional 5L Bulk Pack. 

No-Knots Detangler/Deodoriser - 250mL Spray Atomiser
Detangler & Deodoriser Spray Atomiser
A leave-in Detangler & Deodoriser helps reduce matting & tangles, reconditioning damaged hair to allow easy combing or brushing, restoring long-haired coats to a healthy & lustrous state. Product may be used WET or DRY. As a Deodoriser, No-Knots gives long-lasting freshness between baths, & leaves no residue, so use as often as required. Deliciously fragranced with mandarin & coconut. Available in 250mL & Professional 5L Bulk Pack. 

Gloss Shine Deodoriser - 125mL Spray Atomiser
Deodoriser & Shine Finishing Spray Atomiser
A spray shine finishing deodoriser that leaves coats looking & smelling good enough to eat. A light silicone-based spray that feels like silk & gives long-lasting protection, leaving hair healthy & full of shine. A little goes a long way & with no product residue, use Gloss frequently. Deliciously fragranced with pineapple & coconut (like a Pina Colada)... just smell the difference. Underwater Dogs Gloss is the true finishing touch. Available in 125mL & Professional 5L Bulk Pack.