5L Dog Shampoo Extra-Mild & Conditioner Combo
5L Dog Shampoo Extra-Mild & Conditioner Combo
5L Dog Shampoo Extra-Mild & Conditioner Combo
5L Dog Shampoo Extra-Mild & Conditioner Combo
Underwater Dogs Haircare

5L Dog Shampoo Extra-Mild & Conditioner Combo



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Best Australian Made Extra-Mild Dog Shampoo & Conditioner Combo 5L

Extra Mild Formula - Soap-free - Paraben-free - pH Balanced

Underwater DOGS present a professional salon formulated PUPPY SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER COMBO made specifically for puppies, or those dogs with mature-aged dry skin or skin conditions. Soap-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free, naturally moisturising and containing unique blends of pH balanced ingredients adding softness and shine to every coat.

Born from a love & passion of global professional human haircare, Underwater Dogs is a salon professional range adored by groomers and customers alike. Naturally soothing, moisturising and deliciously fragranced with baby-powder, vanilla and coconut ice, Underwater Dogs products give a thorough yet gentle clean, maintaining oil equilibrium and reducing irritation to those with ‘dry and sensitive’ skin.

Our PUPPY SHAMPOO is an Extra-mild formulation, caring for brand new skin and those with mature-aged skin or skin conditions. Naturally soothing and nourishing giving a thorough yet gentle clean and maintaining oil equilibrium. CONDITIONER creates protective barriers that retain moisture, conditioning and revitalising every coat. May be used as a Leave-in conditioning treatment for those with dry, sensitive, itchy or allergy-prone skin-types.

Is your puppy itching themselves red-raw? 
There may be a myriad of reasons why your dog is itching. Topical skin allergies may play a part, or the food they eat, or maybe even the affect of the different grasses or the water they play in. But let's also consider their ACID MANTLE or relative pH BALANCE - that slightly acidic layer covering their skin that protects them from nasty environmental contaminants like bacteria, parasites and virus.

Scientifically speaking, the stratum corneum is the topmost layer of skin responsible for keeping your dog's outer-selves healthy and hydrated. When we bathe our dog with soaps and shampoos, part of this protective layer of acidic oil gets washed away. It's part of the process. When the pH balance is disturbed and oils are removed, the skin is left defenceless against hosts of micro-organisms. This presents in dry, irritated and sometimes flaky skin and may lead to an unsightly rash leaving your dog terribly, terribly itchy.

Always choose a naturally moisturising    pH Balanced Shampoo for your dog. We also encourage you to always condition your dog, replacing lost moisture due to the cleansing process, hydrating, rejuvenating and locking in moisture.

Ditch the itch with Underwater Dogs Haircare. Proudly Made in Australia🇦🇺